The Future of the Internet is Mobile

Based in Hastings, East Sussex, MOBI-JO provides a mobile web and app development service.

With more than half of all internet searches now taking place on mobile devices, businesses cannot afford to ignore the rapid growth in the smart phone market.

From new startups to large established businesses we can help you plan, design, develop and deliver mobile solutions.

We can help with all aspects from the original planning and idea stage through to design and publishing options.

MOBI-JO can help:

  • Optimise your website for viewing on mobile devices
  • Produce and publish your own mobile app to be sold in Apple's iTunes Store, Google's Play Store, Microsoft's Windows App Market and RIM's Blackberry App markets
  • Get the most out of the mobile medium by using the functionality offered by a smart phone: A mobile app is faster, more interactive and can integrate with all kinds of other phone features: location services, camera, notification services, SMS and calls, contacts, media, social networking and much more...

Mobile Analytics can tell you so much more about your customers than a simple website. From where your customers are and go to which devices they use.

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